Sizes:  XS - XXL

Colors: Black , Charcoal


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Sizing Guide To fit Chest - Inches

Small 34-36

Medium 38-40

Large 42-44 XL 46-48


Product Info:


Stay warm and dry with Heatrub MOVE. After extensive testing we have created the ultimate warm product which performs exceptionally when carrying out vigorous exercise in cold conditions. The unique ‘LABO’ fabric ensures that sweat is quickly removed from next to the skin and placed on the outer shell of the garment.

Say goodbye to cold sweat! Heatrub move has a cooling 2 layer construction which both repels moisture from the body to the outer shell fabric where it dries ultra-fast.

Move is probably the most versatile product in the Zerofit heatrub range as you stay incredibly warm but can do more activity sports such as running, soccer, rugby, etc. The MOVE regulates your body temperature keeping you warm and dry.


Zerofit labo is constructed with 45% polypropylene which is an extremely unique material – its significantly lighter than polyester, nylon and water! Thus providing more warmth for less weight. Polypropylene fibres retain more heat for a longer period of time, have excellent insulative properties in apparel and combined with its hydrophobic nature keeps the wearer dry and warm.


Unique fibres

The heat rub uses ‘double-loop’ barrel fabric which provides both heat insulation and ‘friction heating’. The extra-long bristles ensure a layer of warm air is retained around the neck and even a little movement of these bristles causes friction which creates heat and actually warmers you up.


The Heat rub is twice as warm as a jumper and is comparable to a coat but with the ability of ease of movement for active sports and working.

Garment Construction: acrylic 68%, nylon 21%, polyester 2%, wool 7% & polyurethane 2%